Frequently Asked Questions

What is MoonerHive?
How does Moonerhive help me discover new cryptocurrency tokens?
Is Moonerhive safe and secure?
How can I contact Moonerhive for support or inquiries?
Are there any restrictions on who can use Moonerhive?
What should I do if I encounter issues or have suggestions for improvement?
What is KYC, and why is it important for token owners?
How does the KYC process work on Moonerhive
Is there any cost associated with the KYC process on Moonerhive?
What is banner advertising on Moonerhive?
How can I advertise using banner ads on Moonerhive?
How long does it take for a banner ad to get approved and displayed?
What are promoted tokens on Moonerhive
What are the benefits of promoting my cryptocurrency token on Moonerhive?
Are there any specific requirements for promoting a token on Moonerhive
How long does it take for a promoted token to get approved?
What happens if my promoted token request is not approved?
Can I modify or update my promoted token information?
How do I earn points on Moonerhive ?
Can I vote for non-promoted tokens?
How can I redeem the points I've earned on MoonerHive?
Is there a minimum number of points required to redeem cryptocurrencies?
How do I redeem my points for real cryptocurrencies?
What are the benefits of advertising with banner ads on Moonerhive?